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View From A Terrorist

I am fully prepared to embrace the label of terrorist as the President’s right hand man Dan Pfeiffer called me, and other conservatives yesterday, which is quite a departure from the civility lecture Obama gave the nation in 2011 – just saying, but if this is where he wants to go, then bring it on. What has prompted the apoplectic reaction from the administration is the fact that someone finally has the chutzpah to challenge the “dictator in chief” and is demanding concessions for his debt ceiling increase request and the need for yet another CR. Let’s not forget that in 2008, Obama called Bush’s request for a debt ceiling increase a sign of failed leadership, and I couldn’t agree more. Obama has failed the leadership test here and abroad as Putin is clearly demonstrating. If Democrats want another debt ceiling increase, then it comes at a cost – spending and growth reforms need to be put in place. Let’s further scale down the rate of growth and let’s put in place some real policies that will ignite the economy; mainly energy development policies. Has anyone seen what is going on in North Dakota lately? We can not continue to just raise the debt ceiling and conduct business as usual, that is the definition of insanity, and the President’s intransigent posture is hurting this country.

Re: the CR, yesterday, the incredibly annoying Harry Reid said that Cruz’s filibuster was just a waste of time in getting a CR passed. Really? October 1 comes around every year, and Harry Reid knew full well what needed to be done, yet he and everyone else took their 5 week vacation in August. Talk about a waste of time, and a waste of flesh that is Harry Reid. Cruz’s filibuster has helped bring to light my objection, and many other conservatives objection to this atrocity that is Obamacare, and when people like Dan Pfeiffer choose to call representatives like Cruz a terrorist, he is directly calling me that as well, and I don’t appreciate it. In fact, it makes me want to fight, and fight hard, which I plan to do, and which many conservatives are now planning to do as well. This reaction is also coming from the establishment of the compliant GOP, who have never represented people like me in the first place, so I think many of them are in for a rude awakening. Over the last five years, this President has been anything but civil to them as has his lap dog media, and unfortunately we had sheep in people like McCain and Harkin who would stand and take the abuse hoping to just be like and invited to the next cocktail party but there is a new invigorated brand of conservatives, i.e.: terrorists, who do not care if anyone “likes us”, and who are tired of watching this country decline while elitist politicians dither. The fact that we are even talking about another “continuing resolution” is a clear and unavoidable sign that this current government has failed. We can not operate this country on six month CR’s, we need to more responsible with our money and run this country like a business, not a daycare. It’s time that we have adult like conversations about policy and dispense with the child like conversations about personalities.


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