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“I am a gun owner. It happens.”

This has got to be one of the more bizarre gun fails I’ve seen recently.

Kentucky State Rep. Leslie Combs (D) accidentally fired her semi-automatic handgun in the state capitol building Tuesday night just before Gov. Steve Beshear (D) gave his state of the state address, WHAS11 reported.

Combs was unloading her gun in the Capitol annex office when it went off. The bullet hit the floor and ricocheted toward a bookshelf, according to WHAS11.

Rep. Jeff Greer (D) was in the room at the time, but Combs said she was following safety procedure and that nobody was in harm’s way, WHAS11 reported. Nobody was injured.

“I thought it was totally clear,” Combs told WHAS11 Wednesday. “I am a gun owner. It happens.”

That’s her response? It just… happens?

She was in the process of unloading it when it accidentally shot a bullet in no particular direction and ricocheted around the room. Who does that? She has a concealed carry permit. Did that include any training? Say, on how to unload a gun without pulling the trigger? Wouldn’t she have the safety on? Wouldn’t she keep her finger off the trigger? Is there another way she would have unwittingly shot it?

She says she was putting it away because “I don’t want to use it anymore.” So some of the time she wants to use it while she’s in the capital building?

I wonder if her response would have been so cavalier had she hit someone. Eh. Sorry about that. It happens. Hope you’re okay but I gotta go.

I kinda think discharging a weapon accidentally in a public place should at least be treated as seriously as speeding on the highway: The perpetrator should be ticketed and required to attend the gun owner equivalent of traffic school.

I’d love to hear from other gun owners about whether they fire their guns while unloading them. Does it happen often?


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