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“We ARE Hypocrites”

Here’s something you don’t expect to find from the we-hate-Obama crowd: introspection.

For five years we’ve been subjected to a non-stop barrage of innuendo, conspiracy theories and hatred directed at Barack Obama from what Steve Schmidt recently dubbed “the freak show.” The website Blogs For Victory has been a breeding ground for this kind of nonsense ever since President Obama became a serious presidential candidate in early 2008.

So it was with great surprise to read this morning the musings of B4V regular, Amazona, who finally admits that their behavior has been driven by a desire to, in her words, “bring [Obama] down even if it meant inventing something to do so.” Of course, the only reason she’s compelled to fess up now is that she fears that it could all be thrown back in their faces.

Here’s Amazona:

There was a lot of fuss, regarding Obama, for a long time—–something which still rises to the surface every now and then. For years I dismissed it as tinfoil-hat stuff, but some of the blog posters sent me enough links to enough compelling information to make me realize that they not only had a valid point they were probably right. And this is the definition of Natural Born Citizen.

Now, whether or not this IS a valid point, whether or not the definition IS one of a person born to citizens or at least whose father was a citizen at the time of birth, that is only one aspect of this. The other, and the one that will bring down Jindal, or Rubio, or Cruz, is that we made a big fuss about it, tried to use it to disqualify Obama, AND ARE NOW PRETENDING THAT IT NEVER EXISTED.

I think the Left is so eager to have us nominate one of these guys they are tingling with anticipation, because we would be handing them the entirely accurate claim that we are not only just a bunch of hypocrites, we were so biased against Obama all we wanted to do was bring him down even if it meant inventing something to do so. The nomination and support of any of these fine men would solidify the image of Obama as victim of racism and hatred, and would be based on the ugly truth that we ARE hypocrites.

She goes on to say that “Congress or SCOTUS or whatever legal authority is appropriate” should decide this issue now, once and for all, though she adds, “I don’t care which way the ruling would go.”

She doesn’t care? About a clause in the United States Constitution? In the document about which she once said the authors “agonized over every word, every phrase, every implication in every statement they included”? Over an issue in which she admits she has “come to see the wisdom in what I believe was the intent of the Founders”? After years of carrying on about how she’s a strict constitutional conservative?

Isn’t it amusing to observe the ease with which so-called constitutional conservatives pick and choose which parts of the Constitution matter to them and which ones don’t.

Now Amazona worries that by nominating Bobby Jindel, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, “we are going to repeat history and make a colossal blunder that will undermine our candidacy and add to the perception, created and advanced by the Left, that the Right is dishonest.” No Amazona. The perception will have been created and advanced by the right all by itself, courtesy your pals at The Freak Show.

You had it right the first time. Being a hypocrite is indeed an “ugly truth.”


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