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Meet Dr. Monica Wehby

The GOP Senate candidate in Oregon is a great example of the new young conservative that will destroy progressives. I can’t wait.

Dr. Wehby is therefore Democrats’ worst nightmare. A nationally recognized pediatric neurosurgeon who was on the board of the American Medical Association, she got into this race to fight ObamaCare. She’s a policy wonk, able to run rings around Oregon’s junior senator, especially on health-care reform. She’s pro-choice (personally pro-life) and supports gay marriage and medical marijuana—so the left can’t hit her with the social-issue agenda. She’s a fiscal conservative and a tort reformer—positions that hold appeal even among Oregon’s more liberal electorate.

The rest of the article here, is a great read. Enjoy



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Bring It On

Well it didn’t take long for the moderator at B4V to grow tired of the collective progressive noise machine and the pathological need to attack false conservative constructs, so I thought I would give you a thread here at the famous AllPolytics to let it all hang out here. Mersault will be happy knowing that there is no skirt here for me to hide behind, although I do love skirts, no question there.

So what are you hating on today? Who is the person or issue du jour that’s on your radar screen to attack? Is it Ann Coulter today? Clay Aiken of American Idol is vying to represent you fine progressives in Congress tweeted today that he wanted to punch Ann Coulter in face. Would that be considered a “war on women”?


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Open Thread

I would like to hear from the many followers that have chosen to follow this blog, which would be a refreshing departure from the handful of previous commentators that dominated this blog. Feel free to comment on any subject matter that interests you if you are inclined to do so. Your anonymity is assured. A couple of things that have crossed my mind lately:

– Is it time for Knife Control legislation?

– Is the House Ways and Means Committee within their right to hold Lerner in contempt?

– Is the gender wage gap a legitimate issue? Or just more election year demagoguery on behalf of Democrats?



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The Statist Art of Crisis Management

Consider this an open thread for opinions (are we still allowed to have opinions?) on the theories of big government, or statism, most often advocated by the left, to that of a smaller, more decentralized government most often advocated by the right. I found this article from Red State columnist John Hayward to be not only humorous but poignant as well. Here’s an excerpt:

Statism is an inherently pessimistic philosophy.  Its core assumption is that people will not do the right thing, if left to their own devices.  Private workers, investors, and managers are tried in absentia, found guilty of callous greed, and sentenced to life in Big Government’s work-release programs.  Government is force.  There is no need to force people to do what they would have done willingly.  Therefore, the core assumption of activist government is that people must be forced into socially beneficial activities they would not have freely chosen. The much-mocked Pajama Boy ad for ObamaCare was a visual Freudian slip that revealed the truth of how liberals view their child-subjects.  Virtually everything the Left says to American citizens is the language of adults addressing children, right down to the new obsession with making sure we eat good food.

One other thing that John touches on, and something that has always annoyed me, is the perpetual state of crisis that leftists love to manipulate and beat people up with.

It’s an old statist trick to phrase every item on its agenda as an “emergency” or the “moral equivalent of war” to stampede voters into compliance.  If this rhetoric is taken seriously, and in total, it tells us that our nation is perpetually in crises, eternally in needed of rescue from persistent “emergencies” it can never resolve on its own. What upbeat message can be found in that?

Indeed. Gong from crisis to crisis sucks the life blood out of anyone. In this respect, leftist governments remind me of that dysfunctional, mal adjusted, drama filled person we all are familiar, who is always making bad decisions and constantly in search of the next life change that will finally make them happy. Of course happiness most always eludes them, as does social justice and income equality always elude the leftist pursuit. Why? Because it’s impossible to reengineer the human condition, and it is impossible to legislate equal outcome. Two things that I wish more progressives understood – wealth is not a zero sum game, and life is unfair, and both concepts are adversely affected when over legislated.


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The Full Employment Caucus

Fear not fellow travelers, the Congressional Full Employment Caucus has swung into action and our nations troubles are soon to be over.

“The creation of this Caucus provides a crucial platform for our colleagues in Congress and builds on the great efforts of the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act of 1977, that I had the honor of working on as a Congressional staffer decades ago. This Caucus will continue that call to justice by working with advocates and job creators, to take an active role in creating the 24 million new jobs needed to end unemployment and underemployment, to reach full employment, and ultimately to grow an economy that works for all and eliminates poverty in America. We all know that the best way to tackle the deficit is full employment, and the best way to lift folks out of poverty is a good paying job. This Caucus will join with other caucuses in Congress, the Out of Poverty Caucus, the Progressive Caucus, and others, to reignite the American dream.” – Rep. Barbara Lee

This brain trust of highly qualified job creators will not rest until every break out session is completed, until every study group is formed and every luncheon is served. Our future is looking up!


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No title needed. Go to a quiet place and weep.

melissabach   Nothing. And I mean nothing makes me despise humanity more than the wanton killing of animals. Not politics, not religion not anything. I can only fantasize that this smiling fucking cunt could meet the same horrific fate. I saw this a few days ago and I was so repulsed by it that I forced it from my memory. However today I came across this.


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Open Thread

I have been meaning to write something over the last few days, but have been busy and can’t seem to zero in on one topic – there’s so much to write about and I apparently have ADD.

This is just one subject I was going to address. But there are lot of others, so feel free to bring up whatever you would like:



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