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The “Evolving” Conservative


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Meet Dr. Monica Wehby

The GOP Senate candidate in Oregon is a great example of the new young conservative that will destroy progressives. I can’t wait.

Dr. Wehby is therefore Democrats’ worst nightmare. A nationally recognized pediatric neurosurgeon who was on the board of the American Medical Association, she got into this race to fight ObamaCare. She’s a policy wonk, able to run rings around Oregon’s junior senator, especially on health-care reform. She’s pro-choice (personally pro-life) and supports gay marriage and medical marijuana—so the left can’t hit her with the social-issue agenda. She’s a fiscal conservative and a tort reformer—positions that hold appeal even among Oregon’s more liberal electorate.

The rest of the article here, is a great read. Enjoy



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Bring It On

Well it didn’t take long for the moderator at B4V to grow tired of the collective progressive noise machine and the pathological need to attack false conservative constructs, so I thought I would give you a thread here at the famous AllPolytics to let it all hang out here. Mersault will be happy knowing that there is no skirt here for me to hide behind, although I do love skirts, no question there.

So what are you hating on today? Who is the person or issue du jour that’s on your radar screen to attack? Is it Ann Coulter today? Clay Aiken of American Idol is vying to represent you fine progressives in Congress tweeted today that he wanted to punch Ann Coulter in face. Would that be considered a “war on women”?


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How come we never get invited?