Brilliant minds think alike. Or maybe I’m psychic

19 Feb

Monopoly_electronic_banking_edition     Not to distract from Clusters latest topic, but this afternoon I thought that a discussion about Senator Corker injecting himself into the V.W. / Union debate was  unprecedented and shamelessly brazen.  It seems that an utter lack of awareness and a cavalier attitude towards future consequences is spreading quickly among the more conservative minded. Who exactly is Corker working for? Who’s interests is he promoting? It’s not those that assemble automobiles!  Lets be honest, unions are an impediment. A stick in the spokes of  profit. Sort of like the FDA protecting consumers. It’s  a logical conclusion as to why  there is so much animosity about the minimum wage. Labor in any form, at a certain level is an inconvenience  to pure capitalism. Marx was right when he said that if all one has to “market” is labor, then it’s no wonder that exploitation is part of a business plan. (Admittedly Marx was referring to physical labor, the 19th century being the birth of industrialization.) But my point was made.

Cluster painted  the Koch Bros as innocents, unjustly accused of (what is essentially) anti-American behavior and distracting us, dear readers, by comparing them to more liberal political contributors.  Payola is Payola. They are equally open to criticism and exposure but in this case, the difference between left and right is the difference between serving selfish self-interest and serving the common good.  Morlocks and the Eloi. Lobbyists writing legislation. Citizens United. Max Headroom being gobsmacked on November the 6th, 2012.  Yeah baby!   Not to digress, but another example of this obliviousness is Chris Christie. Talk about a psychotic break! When conservatives return to being actual conservatives, when they are capable of being big enough to go through a functional, productive self -examination then they will be able to be taken seriously again. Worthy of consideration. Reince Priebus, the mouth piece of an opportunistic ideological dead body should be reduced to ash  himself . While he promises to burn said bodies with all of the regret, shame and phony enlightened sincerity of Alexander DeLarge with his eyes wired open.

These moneyed enabled power guys. Throughout history they think they can buy time, rule forever and build monuments that prove singular immortality. When in fact they are building tourist attractions for the future and subject matter for history books. Beguiled by narcissistic reflection. Thinking that they (we) have been successful in a shell game where the object is camouflaging free will and challenging the gods about ideas of our own. Is it a bluff? There is only one way to find out.


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10 responses to “Brilliant minds think alike. Or maybe I’m psychic

  1. Cluster

    February 20, 2014 at 7:28 am

    Allow me brother to show the errors of your ways.

    1. Unions have really only become slush funds for special interests, and that would not include the workers they represent, hence the reason why private union membership has been on such a decline over the past two decades. With 6 figure salaries to union bosses, and handsome donations to favored politicians, the average worker gets lost in the mix, but their dues are mandated and not optional if they disagree. Not exactly a “choice” there for the labor. The auto workers of TN, are being paid quite well, and like their working environment, which is why they chose not to be “represented” by union fat cats.

    2. The Koch Bros. came in at #59 in the list of big money donors from 1989, being out spent by the Airline Pilots Assn., so I wouldn’t exactly consider them a “threat”. And they spend their own money, not tax paid wage money, or mandated dues money.

    3. Marx was never right. Labor is an essential component of capitalism, and that “labor”, especially when educated, skilled, and committed, is handsomely rewarded, hence our large middle class. Unskilled, uneducated, and/or uncommitted labor will never fare well in any economic platform, nor should it.

    • mitchethekid

      February 20, 2014 at 9:02 am

      I thought I made the distinction that when Marx lived, there was no middle class as we know it today. Marx was also considered to be the foremost economist of his day. It also occurs to me that awhile back you made a comment that was supportive of his ideas.

    • watsonthethird

      February 20, 2014 at 9:31 am

      Cluster, again your idea that the Koch brothers have spent only $18 million in the last 25 years is laughable. But you read about some list in American Thinker and it fits your narrative, so that’s good enough for you. I posted more on the Koch brothers in your big money thread, since we can’t count on you to do any follow up or analysis.

      • mitchethekid

        February 20, 2014 at 12:29 pm

        The Washington Post reported yesterday that the Kochs’ “early deluge of money has shocked some Democrats.” Most alarming: In North Carolina, Nate Silver’s projected “tipping point” for Senate control, Kay Hagan’s 15 point lead has been wiped out:

        North Carolina: Kay Hagan (D) 40 – Thom Tillis (R) 42
        Michigan: Gary Peters (D) 38 – Terri Lynn Land (R) 41
        Louisiana: Mary Landrieu (D) 45 – Bill Cassidy (R) 44

        We’re launching our Grassroots Victory Project THIS WEEK to turn this around. The NY Times calls it the “largest and most data-driven ground game yet,” and this ambitious, $60 million program involving 4,000 staff across the country is how we will stop the Kochs from buying a Republican Senate.

        The first funding deadline is TOMORROW at midnight. Hitting our goal and fully funding this plan will allow us to place leadership and high-level staff in the 10 closest Senate battlegrounds by the end of the month.

        Supporter Record: VN96C3M3RB1
        Deadline: 36 hours
        Suggested Support: $3 (Contribute)

        Will you pitch in $3 to the Grassroots Victory Project to stop the Koch brothers from buying the Senate?

        Thanks for your support,
        DSCC Battleground Update

        P.S. We still need 2,500 more folks to step up by midnight Friday for us to fully fund Phase One of the Grassroots Victory Project, or we won’t be able to launch this plan as intended. Will you contribute today and be one of them?

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      • Cluster

        February 20, 2014 at 3:51 pm

        Will you pitch in $3 to the Grassroots Victory Project to stop the Koch brothers from buying the Senate?

        How much is the Senate? I bet Harry knows.

      • mitchethekid

        February 20, 2014 at 4:53 pm

        “How much for your women? How much for the little girl?” Jake Blues. 1980
        I’m really at a loss as to why you are defending the Koch Brothers and seem to get so much glee (Not the TV show) out of it. They are the face of plutocracy. They are the antithesis of conservative values and the idea of America. An idea where equality is not only the basis, but the entire point. They are doing what their unfathomable wealth allows them to do, i.e. buying who staffs the government. They are nothing more than pimps and they are secretive about it as well. Fortunately, all roads still lead to Rome and until they buy the media in it’s entirety, they will continue to be monitored and exposed for what they are. Do you agree with that billionaire; who stated in all seriousness that the number of votes one can cast is indirect proportion to the amount of money one has? Please say no. Sheldon Addison, Foster Friess and Art Pope are wanna be amateurs compared to this den of snakes. Remember Marie Antoinette? Howard Beale? Slave owners claiming moral superiority? How about the first few minutes of 2001? What do you think they had in common? Or when Howard Hughes publicly humiliated Senator Owen Brewster by pointing out that Juan Trippe talked as if the Senator worked for him.
        Which he did. Bought, paid for and brought to you by his sponsor, Pan American Airlines. I truly am dismayed that you seem to be promoting a family who is so anti-American and so not conservative.

      • Cluster

        February 20, 2014 at 5:37 pm

        Show me one concrete example of what they they have done that supports your opinion of them and I might agree with you. What I know of them is that they are investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and very successful at it. I have no problem with successful, or very rich, people. And those are mutually exclusive concepts.

      • mitchethekid

        February 21, 2014 at 8:30 am

        These should make for some interesting reading. There is no question that they are very successful in a financial sense, obscenely wealthy and wield great power and influence. Which is exactly the point. They bankroll conservative politicians and organizations in order to effect policies that are beneficial to them and their interests. I also think they are jaded and cynical. I take you at your word that after perusing this information that you will agree that I have provided more than one concrete example. And don’t be skeptical of my sourcing.

        $400 million spent in 2012 in an effort to put their arthritic hand on the election scale
        Recoiling in horror
        Just a kindly grandfather
        To be fair, Joseph Kennedy sr was tied to Nazi Germany as well

      • Cluster

        February 20, 2014 at 3:50 pm

        Well for one – I hope the Koch Bros. are spending more, and never claimed that they didn’t. I just posted the contributor list from Open Secrets and found that the democrats have a lot of BIG money behind them as well, which of course you never hear about, and by comparison, it makes the hysteria around the Koch Bros kind of laughable. As you have been proving with your recent posts. In fact I never heard one peep from you guys when Obama was expected to raise $1 billion.

        But again, I cheer on the Koch Bros. I pray that conservatives (not necessarily the GOP) takes the Senate this year and sends Harry back to Searchlight.

      • watsonthethird

        February 20, 2014 at 5:34 pm

        We get it, Cluster: Root for the home team. But you never addressed any of the more substantive questions I posed to you in your article of yesterday. The stuff about limiting politic unions, whether you felt the same about corporations, and on what legal basis you would defend those limitations.

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