Maybe Lincoln was wrong and Krushchev half correct.

05 Nov

78384  As far as lunacy goes, the very suggestion of succession is absurd and to act on it even more so. But there might be a reason for some cheer. Texas. Just think, no more Ted Cruz or Louie Gohmert. No more having draconian women’s health issues being an embarrassment to the rest of the country. No more attempts to equate  creationism with science. No more Rick Perry clones praying to Jesus to solve human problems or to end the drought. And no more Texas bragging rights about everything’s bigger in Texas when Texas is it’s own country. Be sort of like looking in a mirror and saying mines bigger. Or smaller, whatever.


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2 responses to “Maybe Lincoln was wrong and Krushchev half correct.

  1. casper

    November 5, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    There was a point not too long ago I would have agreed that we should let Texas go. I don’t feel that way now. Texas is changing and the only way that Republicans are able to stay in power now is by suppressing the vote. In the short run that might work, but in the long run they are going to lose and when they do Texas will become a Blue state for decades.

  2. mitchethekid

    November 5, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    My feeble attempt to be facetious. You are correct though. Extremism as a mindless, reflexive reaction is doomed to failure. The Tea Party has miscalculated. Again. You’d think they’d wise up and quit alienating women, Blacks, Hispanics and younger people. Especially when the demographics are changing and in the end, as you say, no amount of voter suppression can stem the tide. I guess they just don’t get it.

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