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Another example of why I am in awe of Andrew Sullivan. I wish I had even a fraction of his presence of mind.



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No title needed. Go to a quiet place and weep.

melissabach   Nothing. And I mean nothing makes me despise humanity more than the wanton killing of animals. Not politics, not religion not anything. I can only fantasize that this smiling fucking cunt could meet the same horrific fate. I saw this a few days ago and I was so repulsed by it that I forced it from my memory. However today I came across this.


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No explaination needed.

la-pn-senate-democrats-filibuster-one-graph-20-001The previous thread had as it’s topic an academic exercise  in debating whether or not the Constitution should undergo some updating. I say yes. In my opinion it’s a foregone conclusion.  The evidence for being ameanable is glaring, most of us have eyes and any reasonable person; educated, elected or not should agree. Except southerners. Ghosts of the Civil War. Calling Ken Burns.

The history of behavior, intention and outcome should be a sign post of warning.  Death (figuratively or not)  comes suddenly and it’s the easily beguiled who don’t pay attention. And thus their time is cut short. There has never been a human construct; in any sense of the word  that has remained impervious, static or otherwise fantastically impenetrable to the unknowable and unfathomable forces in the universe. In that sense, we are alone. With each other. Big boats.  So make room for the stink and the  sweat.

The filibuster came about because of the death of Alexander Hamilton. No mention of it in the sacred paper.

So what do you all think?  I think “we” are the foregone conclusion and thus are looking back on the past and are so beyond it.

So with that I say the word god, bible and filibuster are absent in the constitution.



Reagan With Carson

Many of you wondered why I posted the video of Cruz with Leno the other day and part of it was to dispel the misconceptions many of you have of him. I also want to dispel the myth that Reagan would not be welcome amongst many current conservatives. Reagan was actually a Tea Partier before there was a Tea Party. Reagan challenged the status quo of the day, and an incumbent Republican President. I think you will notice many similarities with current conservative positions from this video of Reagan with Carson:


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Maybe this photo will put things in perspective.



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Cruz with Leno – Part II


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Cruz with Leno – Part I


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