Oh my my said the spider to the fly

10 Oct

here are some who are so delusional that they sincerely believe that this petulant behavior is a win for the uber right Teahadists.  They believe that their  threats and continued obstruction will gain them increasing public support. I guess when you start from zero, any movement  is an excuse for self-congratulations.  Don’t break your arms patting yourselves on the back!   The cognitive dissonance displayed couldn’t be more alien like than something from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

I’ve been saying for months, years really that incubating this almost demonic populism will eventually turn on its’s creators.

It seems to be a form of cosmic retribution, for the instigators of this virus didn’t do it for altruistic reasons, i.e. to make the country, neigh the world a better place nor did they do it for ideology. They did out of cynicism, greed and pure self interest.  And then they had the temerity to advertise how pure they are. I hope they get what’s coming to them besides the public excoriation, scorn and humiliation.   Because these people (not just the Koch Brothers, but all of them. The Adelsons, Trump, big money anarchy promoting Capitalists, etc.) hate America, they thought they could buy her by exploiting a group of people that hates Americans. Much to their shock, the potion has blown up in their faces. Perhaps if they had recruited Walter White, the result of the cooking would have been more stable. Not to mention more marketable and therefore more profitable.

On occasion, I have been very honest and forthcoming in how I describe myself.  I have gone on rants about the metaphorical nature of words and language and how I often express myself with analogies. How my mind conceptualizes in visual terms. That my subjective experience of reality reminds me of music lyrics and movie dialog. With that said, the following is one in a long series of “it’s like….”

The behavior we are witnessing , coming from the Teahadist American Taliban is like the final scene in Terminator 2. Wherein the liquid metal cyborg sent from the future to kill the hero and the protagonist he is now protecting, ends up in a vat of molten steel.  As it writhes around, flaying and screaming, melting, shape changing and all sorts of other horribleness, it suddenly disgorges all those whom it killed and stole;  not only their physical appearance, but their very essence (their souls if you will)  as well.  Living, breathing organic creatures (and if you are a person of faith and god) connected by birth to a transcendent entity, versus a soulless machine. One created by the former but now out of control;  (See Robocop) and programmed to destroy any threat,: past present or future including it’s creator. Irony being Skynet was developed to protect it’s creator.  (Another observational analogy. Man vs god. God vs man. Whose idea is whom’s?  Read Joseph Campbell’s  The Hero With A Thousand Faces, The Power of Myth.  See any play, watch any drama, have any experience of living in your own life and it’s the same story. As Sonny and Cher said; “The beat goes on”.

The current crisis was planed in advance to humiliate Obama in retaliation for his being twice elected. The hope being he could be cowed into submission. But like a fly being stuck in a spiders web, the uber right, the American Taliban is the past and the President looks towards the future.

Have a regular day y’all.

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